Red-Headed Wren-Babbler (Stachyris ruficeps)

393. Stachyris ruficeps, Blyth.

J. A. S., XVI., 452 - Blyth, Cat. 863 - Horsf., Cat. 670 - Syak-birang-pho, Lepch.

The Red-headed Wren-babbler.

Descr. - Crown of the head light ferruginous, the rest of the upper plumage plain olive ; chin and the middle of the throat white, with faint black streaks; the rest of the lower parts whitish, with a fulvous tinge on the sides of the neck and breast, or, throughout of dull oil-yellow or pale ferruginous, darkest on the breast, and fading, and becoming dusky towards the vent.

Bill plumbeous above, reddish beneath ; legs pale yellow brown ; irides light brown. Length 4 3/4 inches; wing 2 1/4; tail 2 1/8 ; bill at front 7/16; tarsus 3/4.

This bird, which, says Mr. Blyth, is allied in form and size to the last, is found in Ne])al, Sikhim, and the Khasia hills. It is common at Darjeeling, frequenting high trees in small parties, searching the foliage for minute Insects. A nest and eggs, said to be of this species, were brought to me at Darjeeling. The nest was a loose structure of grass and fibres, and contained two eggs of a greenish white color, with some rusty spots.
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